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Head Office

Support our stores to be their best

At Home Bargains head office, your work fuels retail innovation and company growth, offering a dynamic, collaborative, and enriching career path.

Our head office is the nerve centre where retail excellence is shaped and nurtured, ensuring that our stores across the UK deliver unbeatable value for our customers. Each department plays a pivotal role in equipping our stores with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to excel. This collective goal not only enhances the shopping experience for our customers but also fosters a culture of shared purpose.

At Home Bargains, we understand that the synergy between our head office functions and store operations is crucial for our success. It is a place where innovative ideas are born, strategies are developed, and decisions are made with a keen commercial mindset and an overarching view of our entire operation. Our network thrives on collaborative effort, and this approach ensures that we stay ahead in a competitive retail landscape, continuously improving and adapting to meet the needs of our customers.

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A place where every day brings new opportunities

Working at Home Bargains head office puts you at the centre of the retail network. In this dynamic environment, professionals from various fields collaborate closely, driving the company's vision forward. Whichever function you are in, your work directly influences the success of the entire operation.

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Our Buying department are key to ensuring quality bargains across our stores. From negotiating with suppliers to secure the best prices to crafting innovative marketing strategies that spotlight our irresistible offers, the dedicated teams in buying work tirelessly to ensure the best quality bargains are available at our stores.

People Team

Our People Team works in partnership with internal customers to cultivate an environment where individuals thrive, feel valued, and envision a future aligned with their aspirations. By creating People strategies that align with organisational goals, the People Team supports the business to be its best.


Our finance department isn't just about numbers; it's the driving force of strategic decision-making and financial health. From managing cost to forecasting trends, the finance team offers to be a place for those who crave challenge and tangible impact.

Where innovative ideas transform into strategies

An environment of creativity and personal growth, you are working closely with colleagues from across all business areas offering a broad perspective on retail, enhancing your understanding and skill set. At the Home Bargains head office, you're not just doing a job; you're contributing to a growth story, making it an enriching place to advance your career.

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IT and Digital

Our IT and Digital teams are the architects of our digital universe. From cybersecurity to software development and data architecture, the IT and Digital teams offers a great environment where tech enthusiasts can unleash their creativity, tackle complex problems, and support innovation across our technological landscape.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety department plays a crucial role in ensuring employee well-being across our retail network. Their work involves identifying risks, developing safety protocols, and leading training initiatives to foster a culture of safety and compliance, directly impacting the company's success and employee satisfaction.

Central Operations

Our Central Operations Team are at the heart of supporting the retail stores. Covering Customer Service, Profit Protection and Events, they are the nerve centre of store performance and operational improvement.