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The Transport Department here at Home Bargains stands as a cornerstone of the company's growth and success, whether in our Liverpool or Amesbury Distribution Centre. They are tasked with orchestrating logistics, ensuring timely deliveries to our stores nationwide.

With a focus on safety and efficiency, the team's meticulous coordination and management of the fleet ensure seamless operations, reinforcing our reputation for excellence.

The department boasts a collaborative environment where every contribution drives us towards our goals, reinforcing our reputation for excellence in the retail sector.


HGV Driver: Efficiency at Every Turn

As a Driver, your role plays a pivotal role in the Logistics Operation, ensuring the smooth delivery of stock to stores while prioritising safety above all else. With expertise in efficient route navigation, you’ll deliver our latest bargains promptly, maximising service quality. Your precision in delivery maintains accurate stock levels, preventing disruptions, while also directly impacting customer service in-store, ensuring shelves are consistently stocked to meet customer demands.

TP Driver

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Safety First and Road Ready

You're not just driving; you're leading the charge for safety. With meticulous attention, you ensure vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, making every journey a testament to your dedication to safety and excellence

On Time, Every Time

In the fast-paced world of transportation, you'll embody reliability and precision as you ensure deliveries reach our stores on time, every time. With each journey, you'll be the backbone of our operations, delivering excellence with every mile you cover.

Road to Success, Igniting Growth

You build positive relationships with our store teams, ensuring seamless collaboration for shared excellence. Your connection with stores is vital, ensuring timely arrival of the latest bargains, delighting customers at every turn.

Team Manager: Driving success

As a Team Manager, you’ll lead a team of drivers to achieve shift and operational KPIs. You’ll be managing resources for daily schedules, ensuring safe and timely deliveries, and addressing compliance issues effectively. You drive continuous improvement, conduct regular performance reviews, and prioritise safety through daily vehicle checks. With extensive experience in transport operations and management, you excel in organisation, communication, and rapid problem-solving to ensure optimal performance and team success.


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Lead, Deliver, Succeed

As Team Manager, you inspire and steer your team towards ambitious goals. You ensure operations run seamlessly, delivering exceptional results at every turn. Success is not just a destination but a journey you lead with passion and purpose.

Resourceful Compliance

In your role, you balance resource management with strict compliance, guaranteeing the safe and punctual delivery of stock. Your expertise ensures the seamless operation of all tasks, keeping operations running smoothly.

Drive Excellence

You're the captain of efficiency, overseeing operations with precision and driving continuous improvement. Your guidance sets the course for excellence, ensuring every journey leads to success, with stock reliably reaching stores on time.

Shift Manager: Leading Seamless Delivery

In this pivotal role, you’ll lead Team Managers, ensuring the smooth delivery of goods to stores while prioritising safety above all else. From managing transport KPIs to resolving capacity issues, you drive continuous improvement, fostering a culture of excellence. With extensive experience and expertise in regulatory compliance, you lead change and manage complex investigations, ensuring optimal performance and stakeholder satisfaction.

TP Team

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Efficiency in Motion

As a Shift Manager you'll orchestrate seamless operations, maximising productivity with proactive problem-solving and innovative thinking. Strategic resource allocation and meticulous planning ensure excellence at every step, setting new standards for efficiency.

Steadfast Leadership

Navigating dynamic operational demands while spearheading transformative change initiatives. By fostering a culture of excellence and innovation, you'll ensure smooth deliveries and stakeholder satisfaction, setting the stage for continued success in a rapidly evolving environment.

Dynamic Operator

As a Shift Manager, you'll expertly navigate complex operational demands, driving transformative change with agility and innovation. You ensure seamless deliveries and stakeholder satisfaction, propelling success in a rapidly evolving environment.